CU Risk Intelligence

Combining the knowledge and expertise of industry leaders, CU Risk Intelligence's approach to governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management is to provide affordable solutions to credit unions of all sizes and sophistication.

With countless years of combined experience and broad range of expertise, our solutions are continually innovated by credit unions, for credit unions, in direct response to the pain points and challenges facing today’s financial services industry.
CU Risk Intelligence is a consortium of credit union leagues and credit union service organizations including CU Solutions Group, Cornerstone Resources, GoWest Credit Union Association, Indiana Credit Union League, League of Southeastern Credit Unions, Credit Union League of Connecticut, Maryland & DC Credit Union Association, and League InfoSight.

CU Risk Intelligence Board of Directors

John Bratsakis, Chair
John Bratsakis, Chair
President/CEO, Maryland & DC Credit Union Association

Samantha Beeler, Vice Chair
Samantha Beeler, Vice-Chair
President, League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates
John McKenzie
John McKenzie
President, Indiana Credit Union League
Ryan Dold
Ryan Dold
EVP, Chief Revenue Officer, Cornerstone Resources
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith
VP Strategic Partnerships & Resources, GoWest Credit Union Association
Glory LeDu
Glory LeDu
CEO, League InfoSight
CEO, CU Risk Intelligence
Renee Werth
Renee Werth
Executive Vice President of
League Services and MCULSC

CU Risk Intelligence leADERSHIP

Glory LeDu
Glory LeDu
CEO, League InfoSight
CEO, CU Risk Intelligence
Amy Wargo
Amy Wargo
Director of Risk Management, CU Risk Intelligence
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CU Risk Intelligence’s industry-leading risk management automation provider, AffirmX, delivers mitigation resources for credit unions that reduce the costs, workloads and angst associated with regulatory compliance.

Serving more than 230 credit union clients and scores of association partnerships nationwide, the system prioritizes risk management tasks and remediation by utilizing relevant and timely data that improves performance throughout the enterprise.

“CUAD is proud to offer AffirmX as an added resource to the compliance services we offer to our members. The AffirmX product supports our goal of forging even deeper relationships with our member credit unions’ compliance staff, as it provides them with the tools they need to meet the demands of today's regulatory requirements.” - Amy M. Kleinschmit, Chief Compliance Officer, CU Association of the Dakotas

"With AffirmX, we are actually able to stay on top of compliance without having to boost staffing levels which represents a substantial cost savings for us." - Joan M. Moran, CEO, Department of Labor FCU

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CU Risk Intelligence's compliance management solution, ComplySight, provides visibility, tracking, measuring and reporting of compliance activities through a single, simplified application.

The system provides a conduit to strengthen a credit union's overall communication, supporting a state of continual readiness for audits, and providing regulatory updates essential to maintaining compliance.
ComplySight also offers a comprehensive Complaint Management System to track complaints, assign employees to investigate, document corrective action, and identify trends or areas needing improvement! 
"It's game changing. We've used ComplySight for the last four years. I strongly recommend ComplySight to everyone interested in taking their Compliance program to the next level! We use ComplySight regularly and it has really helped to strengthen the overall compliance culture at our credit union. Not only has it assisted us in keeping up with the ever changing regulatory environment to ensure we are always audit ready but with built in resources at your fingertips and user friendly functionality ComplySight is at the top of its class when it comes to Compliance Management Solutions." - Michelle McAuley, Compliance Officer, Security CU

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CUVM - Credit Union Vendor Management

CU Risk Intelligence's credit union vendor management solution, CUVM, saves you time and lowers operational expenses. CUVM centralizes storage and retrieval of contracts and due diligence.

CUVM is all about making your life easier with a dependable and cost-effective way to manage vendor and regulatory due diligence. To put it simply, we take the burden off you, so you don’t have to worry!

"CUVM has been an excellent partner and invaluable resource with managing our contracts and due diligence requirements. It frees me up to manage other critical tasks, yet I know their follow up is keeping me in compliance." - Eddie Hamp, CCUE, CUCE, Vice President of Operations & Marketing, Florida West Coast Credit Union

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Choose the compliance tools that best fit your needs

For credit unions in need of advanced and robust end-to-end solutions, AffirmX automated risk intelligence software will help you reduce risk management workloads, anxieties and costs. For credit unions housing a team of compliance experts, ComplySight offers at-scale solutions that provide better visibility, tracking, coordination and reporting.
AffirmX Risk Intelligence
Combines hands-on expertise & industry-leading technology to help reduce compliance overload
  • Delivers progressive, patented technology
  • Utilizes a cloud-based platform & includes an easy-to-navigate dashboard
  • Provides behind-the-scenes review & guidance by a diverse panel of experts
  • Delivers ongoing risk intelligence support
  • Equips credit unions for examinations & audits & improves results
  • Experts perform required independent testing & audits
  • Produces four comprehensive audit reports: BSA, ACH, SAFE Act & Website Compliance Review
  • Creates a review/audit schedule
  • Empowers oversight while delegating responsibility
  • Saves time by integrating compliance efficiencies
  • Offers an affordable, complete compliance solution, based on a sliding scale according to asset size
  • Provides annual on-site visits
Empowering your credit union with compliance control
  • Provides one central hub for compliance management
  • Delivers easy-to-understand guidance to inform your credit union on compliance requirements
  • Manages regulatory requirements & associated internal communications
  • Easily assigns, tracks & manages tasks & follow up to unlimited number of staff
  • Seamlessly tracks audit & exam findings
  • Enables your credit union to track member complaints & assign responsibility
  • Helps your credit union set due dates & assignments
  • Pushes regulatory alerts & updates to the credit union
  • Produces robust reporting quickly & easily (overviews & in-depth information on your compliance)
  • Provides four distinct levels of security access — compliance, internal audit, administration or board member(s)
  • Fully integrates with other League InfoSight resources such as PolicyPro as a solution for complete compliance management
A simple solution for a complicated task
  • Streamlines the vendor management process
  • Saves you time and money and lowers operational expenses
  • Centralizes storage and retrieval of contracts and due diligence
  • Offers personalized service with dedicated analyst and support staff
  • Ensures all contracts are compliance-friendly
  • Meets NCUA requirements
  • Cloud-based technology that is available 24/7