Comprehensive Complaint Management System



Centralize the process:

  • Track complaints

  • Assign employees to investigate

  • Document corrective action

  • Identify trends or areas needing improvement 



Assignment Clipboard

Email Notifications

Resolved Complaints Checkmark

Custom Reports

Assignments keep users engaged with the process and ensures nothing gets missed

Email notifications alert users of an assignment and if it is coming due or is overdue 

Complaints can be resolved and corrective action documented. Post-close documentation can also be added if new information emerges

Standard and custom reports allow you to view the complaint information, analyze trends, and recommend a course of action


Improve Member Service with Analytics

  • Track complaints by category and branch to identify areas to target for improvement
  • Track complaints by channel to understand how your members are communicating
  • Follow and resolve complaints from submission to resolution 

Complaint System Dashbaord





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