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April 2018
Vol. 5, No. 2

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Complaint System Enhancements!

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Closing Comments from Glory


Happy Spring!

In this newsletter, we are happy to share with you our anticipated content addition/revision based on the Regulation CC changes that become effective on July 1st! Click here to view a preview of the updated content. As a reminder, we want to provide you with this information ahead of the effective date in order to help you prepare for compliance. However, the content within ComplySight will not be updated until the end of June. ComplySight is intended to contain current, comprehensive information on regulations for your credit union to grade themselves on compliance. Therefore, the existing content will be accurate until July 1st!

We are also happy to provide you details of our recent enhancements to the Complaint Management System! Not only did we add a new user level based on your feedback, we’ve also completed the dynamic dashboard for our Complaint Management Administrators (CMAs). Please take a look and let us know your thoughts!


Complaint System Enhancements!

Complaint System Enhancements!
New User Level (CM1) and Dashboard Updates

Dashboard Update

We are pleased to announce that the dashboard for the Complaint Management System which has been under construction is now live and ready to be viewed! The dashboard view will depend on the user’s access level. A CMA user will see four new graphs:

  • Categories for Open Complaints – a pie chart showing the distribution of main categories of Complaints (all Complaints that are not in a closed status)
  • Branch Hot Spots – a pie chart showing the distribution of Complaints between branch locations - (this includes all complaints of any status)
  • Complaints by Origin – a bar graph showing the number of Complaints by the origin of the complaint (this includes all complaints of any status)
  • Open Complaints (Days Open) – a bar graph showing the number of Complaints grouped by how long the Complaints have remained open (all Complaints that are not in a closed status)

CMA users will also see all Complaints assigned to them that are not yet closed and can toggle to view all Complaints in the system that are not yet closed, regardless of who has been assigned to them.

ComplySight Dashboard

CM1 and CMA users will only see Complaint assignments. The CM1 will see all Complaints assigned to them that are not yet closed and can toggle to view all Complaints they have assigned to any other user in the system that are not yet closed (see more about this new access level below). The CMU will see all Complaints assigned to them that are not yet closed.

CM1 Dashboard

New Access Level – CM1

We received immediate feedback when we launched the Complaint Management System that a user access level between CMA and CMU would be helpful. That access level is now here! The CM1 access level is an intermediate level of access which allows the user to create, assign, and manage Complaints as well as manage Member/Non-Members. CM1 users will see all Complaints they have created or been assigned.

CM1 users cannot close or delete Complaints, and cannot manage sub-categories or branch locations. Because a CM1 cannot close a Complaint, once they have completed the review for a Complaint it must be sent to a CMA for a final review and to be closed. The Complaint System User’s Guide has full instructions on the CM1 access level rights.

Review Prior to Close Screenshot

We hope this new access level will make managing your Complaints easier than ever and as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.


ComplySight Training Resources

ComplySight Training Resources

VIDEO TUTORIALS – Log in to ComplySight and click on the “Training and Support” page to access video training tutorials to make your ComplySight experience even better! These are also available 24/7.

Contact Us

Technical questions (software operation issues) can be submitted through the Technical Support form in ComplySight.

Compliance-related questions can be submitted through the Compliance Questions form in ComplySight.

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Closing Comments from Glory

“It takes a village”…. I find myself saying that a lot lately. Not only is it pertinent to family life and raising my kids, it’s relevant in the development of helpful tools and resources for credit unions. We at League InfoSight, along with our League/Association partners, can create content, tools and policies based on a law or regulation and our credit union operational knowledge, but we don’t always hear what the examiners say or what they would like to see. We aren’t in Board or Management meetings where requests are being made and tasks assigned. We need your feedback and your support to help ensure our resources are meeting your needs.

As an example, when we launched the Complaint Management System within ComplySight, we heard from quite a few credit unions that they loved the new functionality, but it didn’t exactly fit their needs based on their current process. We spoke to those credit unions, obtaining their feedback, and from those discussions our new CM1 access level was developed. Now ComplySight provides credit unions with an additional access level in the Complaint Management System that allows the user to log and assign complaints, but without full administrative rights to view ALL of the credit union’s complaints. This enhancement makes the program even more versatile for our credit unions. Special thanks to those credit unions who provided us with that feedback and worked with us to develop this enhancement that will benefit all of our users! If you haven’t already started using the Complaint Management system within ComplySight, hopefully this will prompt you to take another look!

Although the pace of regulatory changes has slowed, there are still some substantial changes becoming effective this year. We hope that providing you content through the newsletter ahead of those effective dates is helpful. Just in case you missed it, remember the Mortgage Servicing changes that become effective on April 19, 2018 have already been published in our August 2017 newsletter.

As always, thank you for being a part of our ComplySight village! We look forward to your continued feedback!



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